At Ultimate Perfection, we pride ourselves on being a professional and dependable team that provides clean environments for our clients in the Orangeville area. We offer exceptional service and value to our customers, and our goal is to earn your trust and confidence after our first visit. We want to continuously exceed your expectations of cleaning companies with ongoing service. Ultimate Perfection Inc has been in business since 2007, and we have been steadily expanding ever since through dedication and reliability with our customers. We offer cleaning services like grout cleaning, waxing and stripping floors, tile cleaning, window cleaning, after party cleanups, construction cleanup, washroom supply management, recycling programs, and carpet cleaning Orangeville. We service business owners all over the Orangeville area and abroad, and our staff respects your property and takes the best care while we clean at your establishment.


Everybody wants to keep the carpets in their living space or workplace looking nice and free of allergens, stains or dirt. That is where the professionals at Ultimate Perfection Inc. come into play. We use a variety of techniques in the way we do our carpet cleaning Orangeville. All of which are performed to your carpet to make it look more visually pleasing, longer lasting, and healthier to you and your visitors or customers. We perform the following procedures of carpet cleaning Orangeville to ensure the highest results for or customers:

Vacuum Washing

We use a wash head that sprays water without detergent that is immediately removed with suction. This creates a swirl of water and ensures the highest carpet cleaning Orangeville performance by sucking up dirt, dust and hair that is embedded up to half an inch into your carpet.

Dry Compound

A biodegradable solution will be spread over your carpet that is slightly moist and absorbent. The compound will dissolve any dirt and grime, and after it dries, the compound can be vacuumed up.


This method of carpet cleaning Orangeville involves using a bristled brush and specialized carpet shampoo. The shampoo is applied to the carpet and then brushed in to clean deep into the carpet. Then, the shampoo solution is vacuumed up along with the dirt and grime it has collected.

These are just a few methods that Ultimate Perfection uses to do carpet cleaning Orangeville. If you are looking to have the capets cleaned in your home or your business, please feel free to give the experts and Ultimate Perfection Inc. a call today. Our dedicated and reliable staff can get your carpets looking brand new and visually appealing to not only you, buy your valued customers.

So are you ready to experience the ultimate perfection?